Day 2 at Adobe Video World

Day 2 at Adobe Video World was even better then the first. Here's some highlights:

  • The first session I did was on using Photoshop as a video editor. While I wasn't super aware of all the features shown, it did seem like the work it took to get a shot into Photoshop just to use one of its filters or effects wasn't worth it.
  • I attended a great session by Rod Harlan about optimizing performance in Premiere, mainly surrounding hardware. If you were ever wondering how the listed amount of RAM on your video card actually plays into performance, I found out that a 5K frame from a RED camera requires 843MB of free GPU memory to be processed in Premiere.
  • Eran Stern gave probably my favorite presentation of the day on common tricks to fix things in post. He recommended a plugin to fix a very real problem that I actually am experiencing on a project at the moment, and was hilarious to watch. Check out his stuff.

Later in the evening GenArts was kind enough to throw a bit of a party for everyone. It was great meeting people from around the world and jumping in to a photo booth complete with props. It was a great time that definitely made getting up this morning for Adobe Day a challenge.

Up next is Adobe Day! I will be grilling the engineers on why Premiere still has bugs.