Anticipating Premiere Pro World 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural Premiere Pro World last July. Having been to both NAB and IBC it was nice to spend a relaxed weekend visiting Adobe's headquarters, meeting Twitter friends, and learning rather than being overwhelmed at an enormous trade show.


I don't try to hide that I'm 100% in on the Adobe workflow, so naturally I registered as soon as I was able to after this year's dates were announced. Adobe has made a smart move in combining Premiere Pro World and After Effects World into Adobe Video World. The overlap between the products is obvious and many people who might not attend both at different times of the year now can lump it into one trip. I'm sure it's also easier inside the video team at Adobe to focuse everyone's enegery into one week of the year.

So, should you register and go this year? You're an adult and you can figure that out for yourself, but here's what I can tell you from last year's Premiere Pro World:

  • The day spent at Adobe HQ was my favorite part. It might surprise you to see how small the team is that builds Premiere and everyone I spoke with was excited to be there and talk with us. I had a particularly nasty bug that happened to hit me the week before so I was that guy and brought a .prproj file that could reproduce the issue and one of the QC engineers almost jumped with excitement and ran to get his laptop during lunch so I could give it to him. There was also a fantastic talk on the history of Premiere showing it from v1.0 to today.
  • You will need to stay at the Fairmont San Jose. This year's marketing materials make that pretty obvious, but if you're on a budget it might seem tempting to stay elsewhere. Do what you have to do, but staying anywhere but walking distance will immediately feel like a bummer. Most everyone else is staying at the hotel so it's great for networking, plus all of the sessions happen in the hotel's various ballrooms.
  • I'm someone that uses Premiere day in and day out to deliver projects. That used to include major music videos going to broadcast and now includes promotional material for major studios. I found many of the sessions to be at or beneath my level of comfort with Premiere, but in nearly every one I was able to catch multiple relevent pieces of information or tips that I brought back with me. I happened to not like the style of one of the presenters but I truly liked all the rest. The trick is to go to the sessions that you feel least comfortable with. If you're not sure, go to one of the audio related sessions because Premiere is insanely powerful with what it can do with audio. You probably don't know it all.
  • Talking to people was fun! I met all sorts of cool people from around the country. Some were new to Premiere, and some were part of the team that builds it.
  • If you can get the time off work, good! Go for the gold and ask your boss person if the company can help fully or partially cover your ticket and trip. Of course some might not, but you never know! Logic is on your side as your value to the company directly increases by going.
  • I'm already looking forward to some of the sessions this year including:

    • The Nitty and Gritty… All the Little Changes You Might Have Missed in the CC15 Update
    • Using Asset Management to work Collaboratively
    • Fix it In Post: Solving Common Production Problems in Premiere Pro
    • Everything You Wanted to Know About Adobe Media Encoder

Now that you're all stoked to go, I'm sorry but you've gotta wait till November. Heads up though, early bird registration prices end August 1st. Check out for more information and check out the full schedule here.

If you're planning on going say hi on Twitter @_mchristensen and let's say hi in real life at the conference!